HENGLEIN – Tastes Like Homemade

The success story of the Henglein family enterprise started in 1936, when Johann Henglein founded the company. 

Today, the HENGLEIN group is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of chilled doughs and pastries as well as the leading German manufacturer of potato dumpling dough, potato noodles and German egg pasta.

Approximately 100,000 tons of fresh chilled products are produced with state-of-the-art equipment every year.

The HENGLEIN group exports roughly 40% of its production volume, particularly fresh rolled pastries.

Contented customers, high quality standards and the unequalled taste of our products – tastes like homemade – are the foundation of our company’s success.

Grafisches Herz mit einem Bild von einem HENGLEIN-Schupfnudelgericht und dem Emblem "Made with love"

Corporate Responsibility

Sustainability is an integral part of the corporate strategy of the Henglein group.
We put a major emphasis on product quality, environmental protection as well as social and ethical behaviour towards colleagues and fellow men and sustainability in all purchasing activities. 

In particular, this comprises:

Product Quality

By guaranteeing a high level of product quality, we are able to ensure the continuity of the company. For this purpose, we regularly carry out organoleptic and microbiological tests. An in-house quality department on each site carries out extensive quality checks. It is our target not only to deliver products of the current quality level, but also to continually improve the entire supply chain.

Environmental Protection

For the Henglein group, sustainability in the context of environmental protection means fulfilling current requirements without jeopardizing the needs of future generations. Working with agricultural products, it is our major duty to ensure sustainability. The responsibility toward our environment comprises the following issues:

A comprehensive energy management contributes to the continual improvement of energy efficiency. For this reason, we are committed to

  • training our employees in the responsible handling of resources
  • purchasing energy-efficient machines and services
  • regulare valuations in orderto pursue further development and improvement
  • making all energyflows transparent
  • using environmental-friendly procedures for energyproduction (combined heat
    and power plant, photovoltaics)

A water policy that harmonizes with the environment. The major aspects are:

  • Employees’ training, aiming at the protection of the water resources
  • Innovation and renovation of production technologies and procedures
  • Supporting environmental-friendly agricultural production processes for our
    raw materials
  • Cleaning and – if possible – re-using the waste waters
  • Sewage plants on the site

Avoiding waste and promoting safe and responsible waste disposal

  • Educate and inform the employees
  • Careful production planning
  • Apply resource-saving technologies
  • Avoid packaging material as far as possible
  • Clear and unambiguous communication


The Henglein group commits itself to the principles of equality and equal rights.
To us, respect towards our colleagues, suppliers and customers is a top priority.
Safety and health protection play an essential role in the company and we are eager to promote this issue continually.  
Our management considers the employees as the key factor for the long-term company success. For this reason, we put major emphasis on motivation, qualification and the contentedness of our employees. This is achieved by

  • A long-term co-operation with our employees
  • Treating the personnel respectfully
  • Further education and training measures
  • Activities in the area of preventive health care
  • Pick-up service for parts of the staff

We stick to the legal regulations for the employees‘ protection without exception and consider the ETI basic codex requirements as an absolute obligation.


Purchasing activities are subject to sustainability. Practically speaking, this means that

  • We buy our raw materials from regional producers as far as possible. Thus, for example, potatoes originate partly from local producer groups.
  • Producing under Henglein contracts is a contribution for the producers to have a stable income.
  • We do not use any barn eggs.
  • The palm oil we use comes from sustainable and certified production, i.e. it originates from existing plantations for which no further rain forest has been cleared. Being member of a central organisation for sustainable palm oil production, the so-called RSPO (Round Table for Sustainable palm oil), the Henglein group supports ambitious efforts to have segregated palm oil only.
  • we do not use any ingredients which consist of genetically modified organisms.
  • We carry out supplier audits in order to ensure the good quality of the raw materials.
  • Internal and external labs continually check the quality of the incoming raw materials.


It is our aim to combine profitability with sustainability, thus contributing to the long-term success of the company.

We are certified according to international quality standards such as International Food Standard (IFS), RSPO or the Global Food Standard for food safety (BRC = British Retail Consortium). This is regularly confirmed by the respective

Being Sedex member, the Henglein group contributes to transparency in sustainability.

The requirements of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and its Business Charter for Sustainable Development are respected by the Henglein group. This charta demands the formulation and realisation of political principles and business practices in a way that takes into consideration environmental politics.

The Henglein group supports the three principles for environmental protection of the UN Initiative Global Compact, which demands a prudent way of dealing with environmental challenges, promotes initiatives for a respectful way of treating environment and advocates the development and spreading of environmental friendly technologies.



The company in Wassermungenau/Bavaria is founded by Johann Henglein


The first line for the production of potato dumpling dough is started in Wassermungenau

The second production plant for the production of fresh, chilled yeast dumplings is opened in Klosterhäseler/Saxony-Anhalt
The first production line for German egg pasta and potato noodles is launched in Wassermungenau
The first production line for fresh puff pastry and pizza dough is set up in Klosterhäseler
The seventh production line for fresh chilled doughs and pastries is started in Klosterhäseler
75th anniversary of Henglein
Launching of two additional production lines for German pasta and potato noodles and potato gnocchi in Wassermungenau
The twelfth production line for fresh chilled doughs and pastries is started in Klosterhäseler

Our Production Plants

(Germany − Bavaria)

  • headquarter and logistics center
  • production of fresh potato products and German pasta, e.g. potato dumpling dough, potato pancake dough, Eierspätzle etc.
  • approx. 180.000 m² of production and warehouse space
  • Quality Certificate: IFS (issue 6) – higher level

Hans HENGLEIN & Sohn GmbH
OT Wassermungenau
Beerbachstr. 19
D-91183 Abenberg

HENGLEIN-Standort Wassermungenau Abenberg

(Germany − Saxony-Anhalt)

  • production of fresh chilled doughs and bakery products, e.g. puff pastry, pizza dough, shortcrust pastry, yeast dumplings
  • approx. 70.000 m² of production and warehouse space
  • Quality Certificate: IFS (issue 6) – higher level, BRC (A-Grade)

OT Klosterhäseler
Lauchaer Straße 1
D-06647 An der Poststraße

HENGLEIN-Standort Klosterhässeler

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